Natasha 452

Pic shown is 20 inches

Product Overview

Natasha 452

Natasha is sexy! Her beach serve you Life!!!!!!!!!! Her length starts at 16 inches and goes to 24 inches. You can flat iron her to wear her bone straight but why???? She's great for making a high bun and slick that baby hair! And go! Oh yea, she has baby hair! Just wet her with water once you get her. Then slick that baby hair!

Dont Forget to Build Your Wig 

Build your wig, don’t forget to choose your extras. Extra bleached knots are so believable. Or for extra security choose your band. We even have the bands with adjustable bands. Nothing is too good for our Natural Wigs clients. Hint:  And if you want your lace wig to look like a full lace just choose the 5 inch lace.